I know I said future Ghosts would release on 21 June, unfortunately I've had a few unexpected delays. My father died two weekends back, and last week my laptop - upon which I was finalising the album mix - gave up the ghost. This has set back the album's completion somewhat but I hope to finish it shortly. I'll post another update in due course; in the meantime you can hear in-progress mixes of two tracks below.



In the last two weeks of May 2015, in the midst of a black depressive blur, I recorded a new spoken word album. Please note that this is not All Things Left On Earth but an entirely new project. Titled Future Ghosts, the track listing is as follows:-


01. The Side-Effects Of October

02. 4581 Asclepius

03. Wake Up Bad Guy

04. The Puppet Has No Master

05. 1995 (The Empire Never Ended)

06. The Movements Of All Mankind

07. Dreamers With Folded Wings

08. At The Speed Of Film

09. Her Is All

10. Cygnusolar

11. Black Stars Will Have Their Season

12. Where We Circle

13. K & I (Panthalassa Shoreline)

14. Her Constellation


The text was assembled from short pieces and fragments written over the last year or so, many of which had previously appeared in my Twitter feed. @darrenfrancis93. I frequently post short texts in progress on Twitter, so if you don't follow me there be sure to do so.


As I was recording the voice I had a specific soundscape in mind to accompany it. After sketching a few tracks, I realised I'd already recorded several hours' worth of the kind of music I had in mind in the Logos album Shamania. Shamania, for me at least, also explores a lot of the same territory and themes as the Future Ghosts text. The Future Ghosts soundtrack, therefore, draws very heavily on the Shamania sessions, including finished tracks, out-takes, and incomplete demos. This isn't simply a case of me reading over Logos tracks; everything has been restructured, reworked, and recombined. If you know Shamania, you'll hear some familiar things used in different ways. You'll also hear a lot that's new.


Future Ghosts is released on 21 June. Between now and then I'll be previewing tracks on my Facebook and Twitter feeds, so be sure to follow me on one or both to hear them. 

The Logos remix album Everything Under The Sky is finally available. Go here to stream or download, on a 'free or pay what you want' basis.



The album features radically different mixes of tracks from the previous four Logos albums, together with versions of two tracks not released before. Herewith the track listing:


01. Everybody Gets Elves [Principia Disruptia] (8.39)

02. Hollow Hills Of London [Fisted Generation] (4.12)

03. Santa Susana Blues [Prototype] (6.12)

04. Shamania [Solstice Prologue] (7.28)

05. Crepuscular [Version] (2.47)

06. Bipolar Binary [Disruptia] (7.59)

07. Do You Love? [Minimal] (0.26)

08. Gehenna Now [2014] (6.01)

09. Manunkind [Slither] (2.24)

10. Ascension [3AM Centre Of Everywhere] (18.08)


Everybody Gete Elves, Hollow Hills Of LondonShamaniaBipolar BinaryAscension, remixed by Jason Oliver


Santa Susana BluesCrepuscularDo You Love?Gehenna NowManunkind, remixed by Darren Francis.


Original versions of Everybody Gets ElvesHollow Hills Of LondonGehenna Now, appear on the album Gehenna Now.


Original versions of Do You Love?Ascension, appear on the album Ascending A Line In The Sky To Sothis.


Originals of ShamaniaBipolar Binary, appear on the album Shamania.


original of santa susana blues appears on our album santa susana blues.


Originals of CrepuscularManunkind, previously unreleased.

Some of my favourite albums of 2014. I wouldn't call this a best of 2014 by any means; I don't follow current music with the kind of depth and intensity I used to and wouldn't consider myself qualified to draw up that kind of list. It's merely the ones I most enjoyed. Order is alphabetical.


All Hallows' Eve - The Dreaming

All Hallows' Eve are a  kind of 'goth supergroup', though you'd need to be intimately acquainted with the contemporary goth scene to know who most of its members are. Don't let that put you off; this is fantastic stuff. What The Eden House want to be, but much better.



Jon Hopkins - Asleep Versions

Perhaps this shouldn't make the list, since it's more of an EP and chiefly consists of remixes of tracks from the 2013 album Immunity, but it is rather lovely.



 Jo Johnson - Weaving

I've been listening to a lot of this sort of music in the last few months; long trippy instrumental tracks with a retro, analog synth feel, what was once called 'space music' but which prefer to call 'synthedelia'. I'm very fond of inventing terms for musical genres. It's been an inspiration to the new Logos music (our in-progress fifth album At The Core Of Each Star), although Logos sounds nothing like it. Lots of people do this kind of music very badly, but this is brilliant.



Logos - Santa Susana Blues

I admit it could be considered arrogant of me to include this here, since I solely created it, but for the most part I'm still pleased with it and consider it the best Logos album so far. Though most of these tracks were created back in 2012, all of them were re-worked to some degree during the mixing stage in July and August 2014, and some were completely rebuilt from scratch, utilising only a handful of elements from the original drafts. I heard these tracks so often as I was creating them that the album became by default the soundtrack to my summer. 



Merciful Nuns - Meteora

Artaud Seth's previous band Garden Of Delight made a career out of sounding like Fields Of The Nephilim. His current band, Merciful Nuns, make a career out of sounding like The Sisters Of Mercy (even their name, when you think about it, is another way of saying 'Sisters Of Mercy'). That said, if you like this iconic mid to late 80s goth sound, and I like it a lot, nobody else at the moment does it better. Sure, they're a pastiche, but they do it brilliantly and - at times - with a sly humour and intelligence that elevates them beyond the level of mere parody. And since it looks like we're not getting another Sisters album any time soon if ever, this is a decent enough satisfier.



Scott Walker & Sunn O))) - Soused

Ah Scott Walker. What is there to say? It seems one either finds his recent output, from Tilt through The Drift to Bish Bosch to this, pretentious twaddle or brilliance. I dither between the two, and I suspect Scott does too. Overall I prefer this album to Bish Bosch - it seems a lot more focussed for a start - but Tilt and The Drift (which - though I don't think I've ever mentioned it before - were a significant influence on God Thing) still have the edge for me.



 Swans - To Be Kind

It'll come as no surprise to anybody who knows me well that this album made the list. I've followed Swans since the late 80s, and their music has had a profounder impact on me than I could ever hope to put into words. It's astounding that more than 30 years into their career - and with Michael Gira now 60 - they can still produce music this vibrant, immediate, and alive.



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