My new EP Circulating is available to download on a free (or pay what you want if you're feeling generous!) basis. It contains three tracks; an edited version of the track Circulating from my album Uforia, a remix by Manmademan of the track Will I Dream, which originally appeared on God Thing, and Outerlude, an extended instrumental version of the various Interlude tracks from Uforia. Stream or download below.



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Track 13 of Future Ghosts.



ma matter

give me moonmilk


hollow hill

faer melody


are no gods left

to hear me?


is pick and pit

all mere remain?


is upturned grove

all wait you?




hack pen

bled sound


strip moon

curves weight


drips word

drops field


grass rent

bass tripped


your slight

spent breath



dead stars




there is only

rap tap rap


racket of



knocking on

your inoculated ear


This was written 9 August 2014 (part 2) and September 2014 (parts 1 and 3) and I don't consider it a particularly difficult text to decipher. Part 2 was written while with my friend Keith Donovan - the 'K' of the title - at the tail-end of a heady weekend in Wilts. The line 'hack pen' alludes to Hackpen Hill, one of my favourite parts of that county.


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Track 12 of future Ghosts.



black dogs and mental pills

seasons in the sun

pentagram a gift of me

a zero on my tongue

silbury have a light for me?

got took away my moon

sea and tree are me i know

i quit that split too soon


There's little I would add regarding this one, save that the text was written Summer 2014. The first half concerns making crop circles, the second half a desire for connection with, and sense of dislocation from, nature (this being a theme continued, and elaborated on, in K & I [Panthalassa Shoreline]). 'Silbury' is of course Silbury Hill, near Avebury, Wiltshire.


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Three short texts of mine have been published over at Unlikely Stories. Read them here. They are: Buddha's Mistake, Alec Station, and The Mystery Trend.

Buddha's Mistake is taken from my forthcoming album Left At The Luna Mansion (you can also hear the Left At The Luna Mansion version of that track there, exclusive to that site for now). Alec Station and The Mystery Trend are versions-in-progress of Hate Ashbury texts.


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Back to my track-by-track look at Future Ghosts; I'm determined to finish this now I started it, three more to go after this...



mind on fire

a lattice of light

a seething blank


not that

not this

not then


i point to point

to teeming



no mine

no lock

no reason


seed nihil nil

in mire of

even black stars have their season


The text was written Summer 2014, in the midst of one of my mental breakdowns (breaksdown?) and - with that in mind - doesn't require much explanation, in my view. The 'music' contains elements of two Logos tracks, Hypoboy from Shamania, and Fire Of The Mind. Fire Of The Mind remains unreleased, though was re-used in part on the Logos track The Looming Tower, which appears on our album Chasing A Thread That Has No End.


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My band Logos have a track on the forthcoming album Lunar Tunes, which is a split artist ambient/dark ambient release in homage to the moon, which also features music by Uncertain, The Plague Doctors, and Elves. Logos' contribution is a new 18 minute track named Selenites.


The album should be available for download imminently on a 'free or pay what you want' basis; I'll update this post once the download link is live.


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I now have a profile on the Open Books site, where you can download my book Jack Palmer & The Unspeakable Thing (co-written with my friend Simon Lewis) on a 'pay what you want' basis (and yes, for free if you wish). I'd ask that if you do download it, to please consider leaving a review.


In other news, I have three texts due for publication on Unlikely Stories next weekend; I'll be making a separate post regarding this anon.


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I've updated the track listing of my free 'sampler' album Nexus to include a couple of tracks from my recently released album Uforia. Uforia also now has its own dedicated page on this site.



In behind-the-scenes news, the spoken-with-music album Left At The Luna Mansion is now completely finished and I'll be setting a release date anon, to be announced in a future blog post. Work progresses on All Things Left On Earth; I've recorded all the vocal tracks and am currently setting them to music. Musically this album is similar to Left At The Luna Mansion but more complex and layered. I'm also some way through writing the text for a completely new album, and have been finalising the text of my novel Belong. Once a couple of these projects are out of the way I'll be returning to the next Logos album, At The Core Of Each Star, the fifth 'Logos album proper' discounting the remix and compilation albums Everything Under The Sky and Chasing A Thread That Has No End. Please ensure you keep an eye on this blog, or join my email list, for further updates.


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Exit earth! My spoken word-with-music album Uforia is out now. Alien abduction mythologies, ufos, crop circles, trance beats, industrial drone, ambient tone; what more do you need? Free (or donation if you're feeling generous!) download.



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